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28 February 2008

At the baker’s

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I took this photo here. It’s on Redbubble: An Edinburgh baker’s window.

Douglas the baker’s has been at 105 Leith Walk for decades: a small survivor of the old independent Scottish bakers’ tradition. I used to live just off Leith Walk, and it was my boast that within ten minutes walk I could buy bread of six different nationalities: Italian, Sicilian, Polish, Bangladeshi, and Chinese, and Scottish, of course, from Douglas.

Next to the gloss of Gregg’s or the fall of Crawford’s, Douglas looks basic, but everything they make tastes good, from the bran scones you can see piled in the left-hand corner of the window to the apple sponges at the right.

A look inside and a couple of close-ups under the cut.

This was taken on a different day from the outside view: I went into the shop, bought a bran scone to eat after I’d been to the gym, and took a shot of the window from the inside while I was there. It’s earlier in the day: the outside shot was taken after lunchtime, when many of the baked goods had been bought. Up on the top shelf you can see one of the Scottish classics: a fruit loaf topped with thick white icing. (Next to it is a tray of Millionaire’s Shortcake – sweet biscuit layered with caramel and then with chocolate. Very rich. I suppose the next development will be Billionaire’s Shortcake – sweet biscuit, caramel, pecan fudge, chocolate… )


I have to admit that one of my favourite things that Douglas does is their ring doughnuts: they deep-fry them till they’re dark brown, and coat them in white granulated sugar. They’re crispy-greasy, light, delicious: I haven’t bought one in years but remembering them makes my mouth water! My great-aunt used to love their apple sponges (bottom left): minature Eve’s Pudding desserts.

These pastries are filled with jam. Pure sugar. Meant to be eaten with extremely strong hot tea. Sugar rush for the daring.

All of these photos are on Redbubble: Douglas bakery.


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