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4 March 2008

Edinburgh Zoo: Sunday 2nd March

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Edinburgh Zoo is one of my favourite places to wander around. When I first thought of doing this blog, I thought initially of a zooblog. (A photozooblog?) Okay: I like taking photos of too many things to have a zooblog, but I have loved wandering round this zoo and seeing what there is to be seen, for over thirty years. (The Google Maps link for Edinburgh Zoo is here.)

The Chilean flamingos share an enclosure with other South American birds, but they’re the most conspicuous:
Flamingos at the zoo
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Edinburgh Zoo has the world’s oldest captive breeding colony of penguins: the first penguin chick hatched in captivity was born at Edinburgh Zoo in 1915.
penguins at the zoo
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Edinburgh Zoo has a small herd of vicuna, which are the wild species of camel from which the alpaca was domesticated. (The South American camels – vicuna, alpaca, guanaco – don’t have a visible hump, as bactrians and dromedaries do.)

Vicunas have very fine, thick fur, for which they were hunted nearly to extinction by the 1970s. But anti-poaching efforts in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia have led to a comeback, and the species has made a remarkable comeback in its native mountains.
Vicuna at the zoo
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“Vicunas represent the Andes, the ancient cultures and grace of all wild creatures. The world would not be the same without the beauty of vicunas.” – Alfonso Martinez, president of Consejo Nacional de Camelidos Sudamericano


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