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9 March 2008

ColloquiArt: Cavorting Sailors

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I’m having a sequence of five photographs, the theme “Art Destroyed” at the Edinburgh University Philosophy Society’s exhibition, ColloquiArt. ColloquiArt is at The GRV, 27 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh, Sunday/Monday 16th/17th March 2008. The exhibition is open to the public. Will post further details as I know them, but I’m hanging the photos on the 15th. If you’re in Edinburgh on either of those days, it sounds like it’s an interesting exhibition – the theme is “What is art?”

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: Cavorting Sailors: the one still without a barrel.

‘Art Destroyed’ documents an example of public artworks that have been subject to intervention by ‘non-artists’. The work asks whether such vandalistic acts should alter our understanding of artworks, and questions the possibility of ‘art’ becoming ‘non-art’ through damage.

Me: I suppose. I’m actually fairly convinced that the “Cavorting Sailors” statues did not become “non art” by damage: it’s more that the impact they were meant to have has changed by their damage. They were meant to be pleasant art – a reminder of Leith’s history as a seaport: they have become, to me, unpleasant art: I don’t mean that as good or bad, but the emotional impact they have is *different* because of how they were battered and damaged. I’m not so much questioning whether these have become non-art as what kind of art they have become.


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