Looking At Edinburgh

7 June 2008

Farmers’ market, first Saturday in June

A beautiful sunny day for the farmers’ market this morning. One small yet sophisticated shopper was wearing her coolest sunglasses.

Look, you all know where the farmers’ market is, right? This photo is available on Redbubble: Sophisticated Shopper.

I saw the violinist who plays at the market:

And the Caurnie Soaperie, which bills itself as The Worlds Oldest Cold Process Soapmaker, or The Soaperie within an Organic Herb Garden: and claims that it was tested on 86 year old babies. BogMyrtle and Nettle Soap:

I also saw the Carmichael Estate Farm, which bills itself as Scotland’s oldest Single Estate family operated farm (established 1292).

A friend recently asked me if I were a vegetarian on ethical principles: I’m not. I’m a vegetarian because I was brought up to be: meat and fish look and taste rather unpleasant to a lifelong vegetarian, as well as giving me nasty indigestion. My ethical principles are that if you’re going to eat dead animals, you should treat them well while they’re alive, kill them humanely, and eat with relish. So I like farms like Carmichael’s, even though they sell nothing I can eat (except for eggs):

I saw people having lunch together:

And as I was leaving: I saw St John’s on Princes Street in the front of a 22 bus.

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  1. […] or even just wearing utterly sophisticated sunglasses. Crowd scenes at the farmers’ market, stallholders and musicians, children playing in the park. I hope to offend no one or worry anyone, as I stand there camera in […]

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