Looking At Edinburgh

5 July 2008

Farmers’ Market, 28th June

Approaching the farmers market

These photos were all taken at the farmers’ market, Saturday 28th June, on Castle Terrace.

I always walk up through the market to the coffee stall at the upper end (and always order a medium latte with skim milk and an extra shot):
Californian Coffee Company

I love Arran cheddar. In weeks when I don’t eat a lot of cheese, it’s hard to have the self-control not to stop by their stall anyway.
Arran cheddar

I just wander down the market looking at stalls if I don’t have anything in particular in mind to buy, like eggs or chutney or cheese:

stalls and Castle

Border tablet


I found that a stall I hadn’t seen since 22nd March was back at the market; they told me they would always be there “the last Saturday in the month” but they miscounted: it would be the fourth Saturday they’re booked for, I think. (Five Saturdays in March.) This was Hudson Home Baking:
the bears are coming

this time with gingerbread bears:
gingerbread bears

They seem very nice people, and their savoury pastries are delicious. (I tried one of their sweet pastries this time, too – apple and date crescents – but it was just sweet/flavourless.) I bought three savoury pastries for tea and lunches, and enjoyed them all.
Hudson Home Bakers

As I left, I saw two friends sharing a meal:
two friends; man and dog


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