Looking At Edinburgh

16 July 2008

Homeless need shelter

Shelter in a window

There are thousands of homeless people in Edinburgh. Shelter is one of the charities that helps. Another charity is the Homeless Outreach Project – currently in need of funding, if you’ve got any to spare. At any one time, there are probably at least three dozen people literally sleeping on the streets (Rough Sleepers Headcount) and three dozen more at the Cowgate night service shelter. The housing crisis is responsible for this – most homeless people don’t sleep rough: they simply can’t afford to pay rent or pay a mortgage. The Scottish Government have a target of a home for everyone by 2012… but we need good, affordable houses being built for ordinary people earning less than £20K a year to live in. Edinburgh is full of good, solid houses and flats – like those reflected – that once were affordable to ordinary people and families, that were built so well they are still good to live in a hundred years and more later. We should be building more places like that – investments in public housing where people want to live.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Shelter.

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