Looking At Edinburgh

27 August 2008

This Is How To Lay A Double Yellow Line

I always vaguely thought that double yellow lines – which are painted on the road with a very solid thickly-laid paint, which drips but doesn’t run – would be put on the road with a kind of machine – a paintbrush trailing underneath a vehicle, I suppose.

two workmen laying a double yellow line on The Shore

It’s not! This makes me happy. Double yellow lines are put on to the road by skilled labour with special tools.

close up of workman with bucket

The paint is heated and poured into a bucket, and poured from the bucket into a deep-walled metal oblong with a long handle. As far as I could see, the oblong has no bottom: one workman moves it along where the old yellow paint still marks the cobbles, at a slow but steady walk, as the thick yellow paint sets almost immediately.

close-up of yellow line box with bucket

And this is the vehicle they use to transport and heat the paint:

Motorway Maintenance vehicle


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