Looking At Edinburgh

2 October 2008

LRT buses: a space defined

LRT buses - the wheelchair space

11 August 2008

Waiting for the bus

…and waiting …and waiting …and waiting…

taking you to work in 2011

You know, really the worst thing about the chaos on the streets is that while Edinburgh Council claim “A high-quality, modern and efficient tram network is being created for Edinburgh and is scheduled to be running on the Capital’s streets by 2011” – I haven’t met anyone who actually believes that. (more…)

9 May 2008

Leith Walk Obstacle Course: Friday

Class One Traffic Management: that’s the theme of the Leith Walk Obstacle Course. (You might not know that, so I pass it on.)


8 May 2008

Leith Walk Obstacle Course: Thursday

Trams, schmams. Mainly, it’s about the traffic cones, isn’t it? We all want more traffic cones. They give a cheery, bright effect to a street.


7 May 2008

Leith Walk Obstacle Course: Wednesday


6 May 2008

Leith Walk Obstacle Course: Tuesday

Trams are appealing. So LRT tell us. Apparently, a high-quality, modern and efficient tram network is being created for Edinburgh, and will be running on the streets by 2011. (Or 2014. One or the other.) Or it could be a low-quality, old-fashioned, and inefficient tram network: after three years of obstacle courses instead of streets, would we notice?

Do not be afraid: the council has developed themed obstacle courses to pass the time till then.


5 May 2008

Leith Walk Obstacle Course: Monday

Trams are an appealing alternative for Edinburgh. So the council tells us. Once the council finishes digging up all the streets, travelling into and around the city will be much easier. And faster. And the introduction of trams is …only a few years away! World class modern trams imported from some more technically-advanced country, such as Ireland, will be running along Edinburgh’s streets from 2011. Or possibly 2014. Deadlines are so difficult to manage. Edinburgh is a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city that demands the best public transport choices. Many cities across the globe such as Dublin, Melbourne and, just recently, Paris are realising the benefits of introducing modern, fast and reliable trams. Meanwhile, Edinburghers are enjoying the benefits of themed obstacle courses along all our major traffic thoroughfares.

This week, we’ll explore the Leith Walk Obstacle Course.


11 April 2008

You won’t believe what’s happening at Leith Victoria

Buggy park at Leith Victoria full up

From a flyer I picked up in the women’s changing room: “The creche is closing. Let Edinburgh Leisure know you think it’s wrong. KeithJackson@edinburghleisure.co.uk. Phone 0131 650 1001.”


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