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12 December 2008

Ristorante TARDIS

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The old police box beside the Cruz restaurant on the Shore

The Doctor lands in Leith for a seafood meal on the Ocean Mist’s restaurant.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Ristorante TARDIS.

11 September 2008

French market in Castle Street

selling hot food

The French Market shows up a couple of times a year: at Christmas and the Festival and sometimes for Bastille Day. There will also be a Continental Market on Castle Street from Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21st September, apparently: Essential Edinburgh.


3 September 2008

Coastal Edinburgh: Fun Park and Fried Food

Porto Restaurant

This is the other side of coastal Edinburgh: the deep-fried food and shiny fun parks. There are fairly obvious reasons why this is so: if you go for a sunny day on the beach, it will probably rain. All of these places have been around for decades – if they’ve changed ownership in twenty-five years, they haven’t changed name or function.


21 July 2008

Cafe overlooking Gardens

The terrace cafe overlooking Princes Street Gardens

So much of Edinburgh is underground, in cellars and tunnels. This cafe was built in the underground complex that linked the National Gallery and the Royal Scottish Academy -what is now called the Weston Link. (More here.) The cafe is underneath the Mound and looks over Princes Street Gardens towards Waverley Station.

This photo is available on Redbubble:National Galleries in Edinburgh.

14 May 2008

The Scottish Government from Beanscene

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Staff friendly and helpful, coffee good, music fine, outlook lovely: but it’s a good thing the wifi connection came free with my coffee, or I’d have asked for my money back!

The connection was claimed to have an Excellent signal strength and to be available at 54Mbps (IP address but it took me two minutes to get through to The Cloud Networks login page, and after 20 minutes of trying to get any page other than a Google search page to load, I realised that (although I was the only person in the Beanscene using a laptop) the wifi system was so poor that it was unusable.

It’s a pity: this Beanscene is a nice place with good atmosphere and pleasantly sunny, but wifi this poor is better not advertised: you wouldn’t want anyone to come in *because* of the wifi. I’ve heard from other customers that this is a common problem with Beanscenes – the wifi service exists in theory but is shoddy in practice. I’ve had similar problems with other chain cafe wifi systems – probably a low-bid problem, but Beanscene is certainly the worst. (Local cafes which offer wifi where the manager herself chose and is making use of the system, don’t have this problem: it’s always chains where the local cafe staff didn’t get to choose the wifi provider and don’t have the authority to change it because of its poor performance.)

But the coffee is good. Seriously: take the “free wifi” signs down. It comes close to being false advertising. Beanscene should stick to selling coffee.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: the Scottish Government from Beanscene.

19 April 2008

In the Forest: dragon wall

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wall in the Forest

On the upper landing of the Forest cafe in Edinburgh the lower walls are tiled in beautiful old green porcelain, and a dragon is growing on the upper wall. I cannot explain the cupboard with the tree that has no roots and the bird that has no feet. It just is.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: In the Forest: dragon wall.

30 March 2008

Outside the Relish cafe

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Sheltie outside cafe in Leith

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: Dude, where’s my coffee?

24 March 2008

Broughton Street: In Artisan Roast

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Artisan Roast is a coffee shop where you could get high just breathing the air: they grind half a dozen varieties of beans on the premises. They have a sign on the wall: J. K. Rowling did not write Harry Potter here.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: In Artisan Roast.


19 March 2008

The Shore in the Clock window

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The coffee shop on the corner of Bernard Street and the Shore.

The Clock coffee shop on the corner of Bernard Street and the Shore.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: The Shore in a window.

3 March 2008

In the Forest Cafe

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This photo was taken here. It’s on Redbubble: In The Forest.

The Forest is an organic cafe and a not-for-profit arts space. It is a perfect place to sit, dream, talk, surf the Internet, drink tea, and relax.

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