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24 October 2008

It’s Edinburgh, but is it art?

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Well before I started this blog, I opened an account on Redbubble, and there I have mostly stayed – some of the photos (especially those with the Current Events tag) are saved elsewhere, but mostly, when I take photos of Edinburgh, I’m trying to take a picture that – however pretentious this may sound – I can think of as art, as a picture worth looking at in and of itself.

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I feel this is pretentious, quite frankly: I like taking photos. Perhaps a better word for it is ambitious: I am a photographer – I’d like to be the best photographer I can be, and one way of continuing to aim in that direction is to keep associating with the many fine photographers on Redbubble, who remind me constantly how much better I can aim to be.

I’ve sold a few items off Redbubble since I started, but, I freely admit, not many, and I don’t have strong ambitions in that direction. The great thing about sharing photos on the Internet is that you get to look for free and I get to share for free. (Thank you, WordPress and Redbubble!) But, should it happen that someone here has been thinking “Well, I’d like a print or a card from Redbubble, but the shipping costs, oh my god…” Redbubble is celebrating their 100,000th anniversary (100 000 pieces sold and shipped!) by offering all buyers free shipping for the next week… and all sellers twice the money they normally receive.

The coupon code to receive the free shipping offer is 100000masterpieces – you just enter this during the checkout process to receive the free shipping offer. Click on this red button to go directly to my Redbubble profile – but the free shipping applies whoever you buy from, until one minute to midnight on Thursday 30th October.

Buy art

Special offer to readers of my blog: one thing I can do on Redbubble is put together 13 photos into an illustrated calendar – cover and 12 months. (I’ve only done one so far: Strange Sky.) If you’d like a calendar from Redbubble made up of photos from this blog, or any of my photos on Redbubble, post below with your request – let me know what photos you’d like, even what months you want which photo to go with. If you include a contact e-mail (can be in the e-mail field of your comment) at which I can reach you, I’ll put the calendar together and let you know I’ve done it before 30th October. Bear in mind the photos have got to be of a given size to be included: if Redbubble only offers them for sale as cards, they won’t go on a calendar. You then order it via Redbubble, and pay no shipping. (I don’t control the price of the calendar. Sorry.)

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