Looking At Edinburgh

1 October 2008

Leith Walk at sunset

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22 bus coming down leith walk at dusk

This photo is available on Redbubble: Leith Walk at sunset.

12 June 2008

The 22 junction

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The 22 junction out by Carrick Knowe

This buses-only roadway through Saughton runs parallel to the railway line, not far from the junction where trains from Edinburgh separate on the routes to Glasgow or to Fife. The Gyle terminus is about half a mile away as the crow flies: from here, the 22 bus is nearly at one end of its long route.

This photo is available on Redbubble: The 22 Junction.

7 June 2008

Farmers’ market, first Saturday in June

A beautiful sunny day for the farmers’ market this morning. One small yet sophisticated shopper was wearing her coolest sunglasses.

Look, you all know where the farmers’ market is, right? This photo is available on Redbubble: Sophisticated Shopper.

13 March 2008

Reflecting on the 22 bus

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I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: In a bus window.

The 22 bus is a zippy little beast that runs from South Gyle on one side of the city to Ocean Terminal on the other. 22 and N22, the night bus, run 24/7, fast and frequent. Here near the end of its run the window holds the reflection of the houses across the river, the flecks of rain, the faces of passengers within, and even the photographer.

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