Looking At Edinburgh

15 August 2008

Disturbed American Tourist May Not Survive the Festival

hot dog statue outside Mitchells cafe

We all know we need them. They come annually in flocks and herds during the Festival, and as singles or pairs the rest of the year. They buy the tartan tat and the bottles of whisky with pipers on the label. They listen to our stories about the haggis. They tell us their stories about how their great-grandfather’s cousin on their mother’s side was a Scot and they’ve always felt more Scottish than anything else. And after a couple of weeks or a month they go home again: poorer, more tartan, and we hope, happy with their Scottish experience.

But sometimes, you have to wonder what on earth is wrong with the eejits…

This photo is available on Redbubble: Disturbed American Tourist May Not Survive the Festival.

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