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12 December 2008

Ristorante TARDIS

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The old police box beside the Cruz restaurant on the Shore

The Doctor lands in Leith for a seafood meal on the Ocean Mist’s restaurant.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Ristorante TARDIS.


15 May 2008

Ocean Mist on the Shore

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This steamer was built ninety years ago by George Brown & Co, Greenock. When begun she was named ‘Samuel Green’ and was intended for the Royal Navy: but she was completed in 1919, and launched as “Ocean Mist”.

For 60 years “Ocean Mist” served as a trawler, mine sweeper and pleasure yacht: when owned by the Guinness family, she ferried racing cars to France and Italy. She retired about 1980 and was brought to Leith, where the Ocean Mist was a floating bar for nearly 20 years. She was derelict for a while, but freshly painted and renamed, The Cruz is now a floating restaurant.

It’s amazing what a ship will do.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: Ocean Mist.

16 April 2008

Street in water

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The Shore below Commercial Street

Cruz (the former ferry boat that keeps getting resurrected as a new-look restaurant-onna-boat) is the large white boat to the right. No, I’ve never been on board: the restaurant is determinedly fishy, not a lot for vegetarians.

I took this photo here. It’s available on Redbubble: Street in water.

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