Looking At Edinburgh

15 November 2008

The Forth Bridges Accordion Band

Accordion and Drum band playing on Princes Street in front of Register House

There I was walking along Princes Street feeling a little down (not excessively so: just kind of Saturday-afternoon-shopping-down) and suddenly I could hear lively music like a marching band, with accordions and drums.

Which turned out to be The Forth Bridges Accordion Band (on bebo) which “are a new marching accordion band started up in the East of Scotland in South Queenferry … to provide learning facilities for people who want to learn an instrument such as the drum or accordion.” Though they’re also looking for experienced players. They sound great. Band Practice is Wednesday 7pm-9pm at Vennel Halls, according to the card one of them gave me.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Forth Bridges Band.

(One of the band members contacted me via Redbubble to let me know this was their first public performance: it sounded great, and I hope it’s the first of many.)

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