Looking At Edinburgh

4 October 2008

Walking into the light

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People walking down the Mound into the sunset

“Where Princes Street Gardens are now, the Nor’ Loch was ‘a receptacle of many sewers, and seemingly of the worried cats, drowned dogs, and blackguardism of the city’. Initially stones and planks were laid across its swampland by a tailor with a shop in the Old Town and clients in the New. This gave rise to the name Geordie Boyd’s Mud Brig. In time the ‘Brig’ was filled in by rubble from the excavation works – some two million cartloads tipped out by contractors and private citizens – finally forming a great earthen mound, known now simply as The Mound.” – Stories in Stone

This photo is available on Redbubble: Sunset on the Mound.

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