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8 October 2008

From the Mound at sunset

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on Bank Street, looking down into the New Town

The New Town rising at the foot of the Mound: the wet road reflects back the sunset light.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Edinburgh from the Mound at sunset.

25 February 2008

In the Hard Rock Cafe

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In the Hard Rock Cafe

This photograph was taken here. It’s on Redbubble: In the Hard Rock Cafe: St Andrew’s & St George’s.

St Andrew’s & St George’s Church, reflected in the window of the Hard Rock Cafe on George Street in Edinburgh’s New Town.

The original plan for the New Town included a church on Charlotte Square facing down George Street. When Sir Laurence Dundas took the planned church site to build himself a mansion in 1774, Edinburgh City Council held a competition to design a church for a site on the north side of George Street. Major Andrew Frazer’s design won: an oval with a portico that sets off space between the church and the road. The church was completed in 1782, and the spire added in 1784. It was the first church in the New Town.

The Edinburgh Hard Rock Cafe was established on the south side of George Street in March 1998.

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