Looking At Edinburgh

17 June 2008

The Prince Regent Street Waterfall

On Monday 9th June I was walking down Prince Regent Street, and I noticed a stream running down the gutter.
Prince Regent St waterfall

So I tracked it uphill to its source:

Prince Regent waterfall source

And a couple of days later, walking down Prince Regent Street again, I took a photo of the drain all the water was falling into.

Prince Regent waterfall drain

Over a week later, the water is still running, and it’s now overflowed the drain and forms a delta where Prince Regent Street runs into North Junction Street:

Prince Regent Street waterfall delta

Up at the source, the water has by now washed away part of the tarmac covering the old cobbles:
Prince Regent Street waterfall source

It’s quite impressive that just leaving a water main to run unchecked and unmended for only eight or nine days can do this much damage. I wonder how much longer Edinburgh Council will leave it to run?

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