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25 October 2008

Feeding the family

a family buying lunch at the farmer's marker

A family getting well hung and tender (beef, that is) at the farmer’s market.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Feeding the family.

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If you’d like to choose your own customised calendar of photos from Looking at Edinburgh, check out It’s Edinburgh, but is it Art?

24 August 2008

Six months….

I’ve been doing this blog now for six months, at least one photopost a day. I have done 210 posts (not counting this one), well over 210 photographs, and from 36 views for the four days of February, the total number of views for six whole months is now 9711. In the first week I did this blog I got 4 views: in this 26th week I’ve had 641 views, and 93 views today. It seems likely that I’ll have my 10,000th view before the end of August. I really appreciate everyone who’s visited, especially people who linked or left comments.

*waves* I’m happy I started doing this. Looking forward to the next six months…

Because the first photo on my blog was the farmer’s market in February, this post should be of the same spot in August:

farmers market

Notice the irony of the Tescos bag? Neither did I till I looked at the photo at home.

This photo is available on Redbubble: Crowds at the farmer’s market.

The US Election Reaches the Farmer’s Market in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Farmers Market

You often see people with flyers and clipboards wanting to get the attention of shoppers at the farmer’s market. But it’s not often you see someone with a clipboard full of sheets that say “Obama for America”. (Of course, someone attempting to sign up voters for McCain would be even more unlikely.) But there he was: wearing a faded green t-shirt that said I’m so excited to be here. (Update: although I recall a faded green, in this photo the t-shirt looks blue. Weird.) From Colorado, originally, a somewhat right-wing state, but said he was hopeful that some of the 250,000 Americans in the UK could be persuaded to register and vote for Obama – he was an official Obama campaign worker, and said this was the first time any Democratic campaign had made an official effort to get Americans living outside the US to register and vote in a Presidential election. Well, good luck, I said: I hope he wins. (I wonder if Avedon Carol knows about this Obama outreach? Usually if I want to find out what ex-pat Americans know about US politics, her Sideshow is where I go…)


5 July 2008

Farmers’ Market, 28th June

Approaching the farmers market

These photos were all taken at the farmers’ market, Saturday 28th June, on Castle Terrace.


7 June 2008

Farmers’ market, first Saturday in June

A beautiful sunny day for the farmers’ market this morning. One small yet sophisticated shopper was wearing her coolest sunglasses.

Look, you all know where the farmers’ market is, right? This photo is available on Redbubble: Sophisticated Shopper.

4 May 2008

Farmers Market, 3rd May

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Coffee that’s out of this world!

Torchwood coffee


23 March 2008

Farmers Market: 22nd March 2008

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It was cold today for the Easter weekend:
farmer's market

9 March 2008

For sale at the farmers market

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Possibly the best vegetable in the world. Also, protects against vampires! Available from the farmers market but also on Redbubble: Garlic.


1 March 2008

Farmers market: First day of spring

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at the market

Today was the first day of spring. Also, it was Saturday. I went to the farmers’ market. I bought a Savoy cabbage, carrots, an Arran cheese, a couple of brezeln and a cat’s tongue – which is like a brezeln, but flattened, split open, with Emmental baked on top – and two bottles of wine.

But first of all I did what I always do: I walked all the way through the market, glancing sideways at the stalls to see who was here, and bought myself a cup of coffee at the coffee stall at the far end of the market. The coffee is exactly the same – same franchise – but the queue is usually shorter.

Coffee stall

All of these photographs were taken here. They’re all in this set on flickr: Edinburgh Farmers Market, 1st March 2008. (If you want to see them on Redbubble, just ask.) (more…)

Brezeln at the farmers’ market

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This photograph was taken here . It’s on Redbubble: Brezeln at the farmers market.

These brezeln were baked by Falko (Konditormeister) and can be bought at the farmers’ market in Edinburgh any Saturday. If you get there early enough and are willing to queue, that is. See you there!

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